Safari Crafty Things Club box
Crafty Things Club

Safari Crafty Things Club box

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Our Safari box is crammed full of animal themed crafts and activities.

All of the activities and other goodies in a Crafty Things Club box have been carefully selected with an emphasis on fun.
1. Popstick Puppets kit
Minimal-to-no adult help needed so will develop your child's confidence to be independent and try things on their own (plus you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee guilt free). The kit includes pre-cut shapes to make an elephant, tiger or lion but they could also mix it up to make a liger or tilephant. Once made they can play with their puppets to create stories or role plays, great for stimulating the imagination. N.B. Due to a stock shortage the animal popstick puppets will be substituted with alien popstick puppets (but hey, aliens can go on safari to- maybe you can introduce them to all of the animals).
2. Paper Mates Animals
Make your own animals by pressing out the shapes, folding and sticking. There's even little extras like googly eyes to add once they are built. Some help may be needed for smaller children with folding but this is a great activity to see how shapes can fit together, how something three dimensional can be created from something flat and for developing fine motor skills.
3. Fiskars childrens scissors
Because I absolutely believe in giving children the right tools and these are the best scissors I have found designed for children's hands. Plus they look like Pandas and are super cute.
4. Paper cups, coloured felt, pva glue, googly eyes, a pipecleaner and templates to make paper cup animals
Junk modelling projects like this one encourage children to see the possibilities in things. Just because it is one thing doesn't mean that it can't be something else. I have included instructions for a tiger and an elephant but maybe they'll come up with some ideas of theIr own. If you have some yoghurt pots or more paper cups they could create an entire zoo of animals to play with.
5. A paper mache elephant by Decopatch, Decopatch brush, pva glue, tissue paper and patterned paper
This is a great open ended activity to encourage them to make decisions and experiment with materials.
6. Colouring in and a few animal facts
Colouring in is really good for developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and improving concentration (you probably deserve another guilt free cup of coffee or maybe a biscuit while they practice concentrating).

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