Fundraising with Crafty Things Club

A simple way to raise funds for your school or group.

Raise funds for your school or group by telling parents and staff about Crafty Things Club.

We'll donate £5 when they receive their second box, and children will be taking part in more creative activities which is great fun and really good for their overall development.

  • Fill out the form to register your school or eligible group. You'll need to give us a contact name, email address and tell us who you are raising funds for. We may contact you for more details.
  • We'll email you a code (which doubles up as a discount code). They need to use this code when they sign up for you to receive your donation. We deliver the boxes direct to them.
  • Four times per year we'll add up how many parents, staff and other friends of your group have signed up and we'll pay you £5 for each one (once they have received two Crafty Things Club parcels).