What's in the box?: Whatever the Weather

Our weather themed box is crammed full of activities to encourage and inspire your five to eight year olds to get creative whatever the weather. As always the emphasis in our boxes is on having fun with craft but there also lots of other benefits to getting creative.

Make Your Own Windmill kit (includes two pinwheels, two die cut paper sheets to colour in and colouring pencils).
Start by colouring in the paper sheets, perfect for when your children want something fun to do but don't have much time. This can be done independently, time for you to have a well deserved hot cup of coffee. Simple activities like colouring are great for developing fine motor skills and improving hand eye coordination and improve concentration. You can also use this to encourage children to make decisions about which colours to use and where to put them. They may need some help putting the windmill together and once it's built you can pop it outside and see the wind at work.

Paint Your Own Windsock kit (includes a nylon windsock, paints and a paintbrush).
Another relatively quick activity that can be done independently. Children can experiment and learn how colours can be mixed together and have fun painting their wind sock. Hang it up and see which way the wind is blowing.

Yellow paper plate, tissue paper, glue and glue spreader to make a hanging sun sun catcher.
White paper plate, sticky backed plastic, tissue paper, ribbon and wadding to make a rain cloud sun catcher.
This is a longer project that can be done in sections and is lots of fun to do together. Working with things such as paper plates and sticky backed plastic which usually have another purpose helps children see the potential in every day items. We've included instructions for several different techniques to encourage children to explore the qualities of the different materials and experiment with the effects that can be created. Children will develop their problem solving skills, decision making skills and learn how different shapes can be created and fit together.

A sticker and instructions to make a rain gauge (just add a plastic bottle from your recycling box).
A little bit of adult help will be needed to cut a plastic bottle before applying the sticker, following the instructions in the box insert. Then pop your rain gauge outside to measure the rainfall. This is a good activity for putting measuring, recording and number skills into practise, learning about seasonal changes and recording the weather, perfect for developing knowledge of science and maths.

Weather map and symbols to colour in.
Colour in the map and add some landmarks or places you know. Use the weather symbols provided or create your own to act out your own weather forecasts. You can use this to start a conversation about different types of weather and what the effects are as well as learning a bit of geography in a fun way.

This box of crafty goodies also includes Grafix gel twister crayons and selection of glitter

Get your hands on our weather themed Crafty Things Club box here.

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