What's in the box: Pets Crafty Things Club

A box crammed full of pet themed crafts and activities specially selected for five to eight year olds.
Make your own sock dog kit includes socks, felt, buttons, needle, thread, stuffing, birth certificate and clear instructions.

A project to do together. Spending quality time on activities like this together can help you connect with your child. Busy hands can lead to relaxed conversation about their day and help them to open up. Working together can make a child feel listened to and increase their confidenc in making decisions especially if you let them take the lead by asking questions like 'where shall we sew the button for his nose?' or 'what colour thread shall we use?' You might find that you both have to compromise and your child will benefit from developing skills needed to work as part of a team. The project is a little tricky and you may find you have to do lots of the sewing but my six year old was insistent that we included this kit. He said 'You have to use it Mummy because I really enjoyed making it with you'.

Paper Mates Animals includes four paper animals, stickers and googly eyes to make a bunny, puppy, fox and chick.
Paper Mates animals were popular when we used them in our Safari box so we decided to let you have some more.
Make your own animals by pressing out the shapes, folding and sticking. There's even little extras like googly eyes to add once they are built. Some help may be needed for smaller children with folding. This is a great activity to see how shapes can fit together, how something three dimensional can be created from something flat and for developing fine motor skills.

Sticky backed felt, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, a paint brush and paint to make paper tube cats (just add a paper tube from your recycling).

This project can be done independently so you can put the kettle on and watch them use their imagination to create all sorts of cats from paper tubes. Junk modelling is great to help children see the potential in every day objects. Folding, colouring, cutting and sticking are all good for supporting the development of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. This is a great open ended activity to support the development of decision making skills and problem solving.

Finger puppet mouse sheet, crayons and pink pom poms to make your own mice.
Colour in, cut out and make a mouse, a project that can be done independently.This simple activity supports maths skills by seeing how shapes fit together. You could use the mouse with the cats from the junk modelling project to encourage creative play.

A Digi Pet. A little electronic pet for you to look after, feed and play with. You can choose from 168 pets including rabbit, chicken, panda, dog and dinosaur.
A great little toy for teaching children about responsibility as they try to keep their 'pet' alive. This was really included because lots f my friends had them when we were children, your little one will never know if you adopt theirs!

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