What's in the box; Our Spring Crafty Things Club

Our spring box is crammed full of goodies to inspire you to get creative (and get growing) and have fun growing and making.

Grow and Paint your own Flower Garden kit (includes paints, paint brush, plant signs, coconut fibre, planter and lid, stickers, glitter, decorative gravel and instructions).
This kit is best done in stages. Your children can enjoy painting the plant pot with minimal adult help. This is a great activity to help them learn about colour mixing and developing decision making skills as they choose what colours, shapes and patterns to use. All while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while it's still warm. Once there are stickers included to make the designs even more creative.

When they've finished decorating the pot it's time to add the coconut fibre and follow the instructions to plant the flower seeds, this is a fairly quick task to do together.

Gardening is a great way to learn about science, including how water and sunlight are needed for plants to grow. Children develop a sense of responsibility taking care of the seeds and the patience needed to wait for them to grow.

Yellow paint, yellow card, a painbrush, glue, and pipe cleaners to make daffodils (just add an egg box from your recycling).
These egg box daffodils are fun to do together or independently (some help might be needed to cut up the egg boxes). Junk modelling projects are a good way to help children see the potential in every day items, develop problem solving skills and recognise shapes and see how they might fit together to create something new.

Cress seeds, stickers and instructions to make your own cress heads.
Children can use their imagination to decorate yoghurt pots or egg shells before planting the cress seeds and watching them grow. Stickers are included to make faces but you could also use pens and paint. Creating the faces will support the development of decision making skills and is a great way to stimulate the imagination. You could give your characters names and make up stories of adventures they might go on.

A cardboard vase to colour in, cut out and make.
The colouring can be done independently and is perfect for when your children need a quick, fun activity while you hang the washing on the line, or hide behind the cupboard door to eat some chocolate (not that I've ever done that *cough). Colouring helps develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and improves concentration. Two sides have bee left blank for children to add their own designs.

Some adult help might be needed to cut out and fold together the vase. Paper folding crafts help children learn about how shapes can fit together and how something two dimensional can become three dimensional.

This parcel of crafty goodies also includes a packet of mini pencil crayons and pom poms in spring colours.

You can get your hands on our Spring box here.

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