What's in the box; February's Crafty Things Club

Our pirate themed box is crammed full of crafts and activities specially selected for five to eight year olds with an emphasis on having fun.


1. Make Your Own Pirate Ship by Clare Beaton
Minimal to no adult help needed (they might need a little bit of help cutting out).
This book includes a pop-out pirate scene, the book itself transforms into a pirate ship. There's lots of colouring to do to create people, sea creatures, a ship wreck, a treasure chest and more to add to the piratey scene. Once built there's the opportunity for even more creativity by playing out your own pirate adventures.
As if that wasn't enough the book also includes lots of pirate facts and instructions to make a jolly roger. This activity has potential for hours of creativity and is perfect for dipping in and out of.

2. Tissue paper, feathers, googly eyes and a glue stick to make a paper tube parrot. Just add a tube from your recycling box.
This activity is fun to do together or independently. Junk modelling projects are great for encouraging children to see the potential in things around them and really develop those creative problem solving skills. Instructions are included to make a parrot but there are all sorts of other possibilities.

3. A gold treasure chest and stick on gems
A little bit of help might be needed to build the box but then they can be set loose with the stick on gems. This can be quite a quick activity giving them a real sense of creative satisfaction even when you're short on time. You could even add some extra bits from your craft stash for an even more unique treasure chest.

4. Pirate colouring crayons
Use these for colouring the Make your Own Pirate Ship book and then add to your craft box for even more drawing and colouring.

5. Metal compass
Every pirate needs a compass. This metal compass is great for pirate role play games and learning about maps and directions.

6. Pirate map to finish and colour in
Turn to the back page of our instruction leaflet to find your pirate map. Where would you bury the treasure.

7. Instructions to make a paper hat
This simple activity is great fun to do together, you'll just need a few sheets of newspaper and the whole family can be pirates together.

Get your pirates Crafty Things Club box here.

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