What's in the box; A very happy un-birthday

Hayley and Robyn made this great video of opening our Happy Un-birthday box so I thought I'd let them show you what's inside.

Pom pom cup cake kits. This may require a bit of adult help to get started but once they are up and running (or winding) you'll be able to have that allusive hot cup of coffee. Making pom poms is great for developing concentration and patience as well as working on those fine motor skills. Once made the cup cakes can either be ornaments or used for games and role play- because you'll need cakes to have a tea party with your toys.

Paper cup, coloured card template, sticky tape, elastic and coloured feathers.
This can be done quite independently but is also great fun to make together. A quick, mess free make that includes colouring, cutting and making decisions about what colours and feathers to use. You could go on to make more party hats using yoghurt pots and paper tubes.

Playing cards, coloured card, pipecleaner and glue to make Alice in Wonderland Inspired playing card people.
A little bit of parental help might be needed with cutting. Fitting shapes together and using one thing to create something completely different is great for developing your maths skills and your imagination. You could make even more. How could you give them different personalities?

Paper bunting to colour and make
Colouring in is great for developing concentration and fine motor skills. It is also great for practising decision making. We've left some of the triangle empty for you to add your own designs.

We've also included two party themed reals of tape, ribbon and some multi coloured crayons (each crayon is a mixture of colours).


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