Making paper tube binoculars

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If you are going to go on safari you'll need some binoculars.
These paper tube binoculars are perfect whether you're going on a bear hunt or looking for tigers.
You'll need:
Two empty toilet roll tubes
Coloured paper or foamies sheets
Glue or sticky tape (I used both)
Double sided tape
Ribbon or String
A pair of scissors
How to make them:
1. Cut your paper or foamies so it's as long as your tube and wide enough to wrap all the way around.
2. Glue it to the tube, you may want to secure the end with sticky tape.
3. Cut two strips of paper or foamies about 1cm wide. Stick around the tube at either end.
4. Repeat with the second tube.
5. Stick your tubes together using double sided tape.
6. Attach some ribbon or string with sticky tape so that you can hang your binoculars around your neck.
You are ready to go on safari!
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