Making a pirate map

This pirate treasure map is fun to make and can lead to all sorts of creative play, whether you're pretending to be a pirate or planning a treasure hunt, or maybe both.

You'll need: Tea bags, hot water and a mug, plain paper, a tray (or something to protect your table from the tea) and pens or pencils.

Start by making two cups of tea. Drink the first whilst your children are busy making (you might even get to enjoy it while it's still hot) and leave the second to cool with the tea bag still in it (don't add any milk or sugar to this one).

Put your plain paper in a tray (or on some newspaper to protect the table).

Once the tea has cooled down remove the tea bag and wipe it over the paper. If it gets too dry just dunk it in the water again.

When you are happy that your paper has enough tea on it leave it to dry.

To make it look more authentic you can tear the edges of the paper.

Now you are ready to draw your treasure map on top.

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